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Happy New Year!

Attached you will find December 2020 Market Activity Reports. We finished the year 3.5% ahead on the # of closed units compared to 2019. Not bad considering we were 29% behind in June. We will look back on 2020 as an historic year in so many ways, not the least of which is this high watermark year in real estate.

Highlights by price range on the Monterey Peninsula:

  1. Under $500k – closed units down nearly 30% compared to 2019

  2. $500k to $1M – closed units were up 5.7% for the year vs. 2019

  3. Inventory in these two price categories is still the lowest in decades

  4. $1M to $3M – closed units are up 41.5% for the year compared to 2019

  5. $3M to $5M – closed units are up 97% over 2019!!

  6. Over $5M – closed units are up 103% over 2019!!!

See the reports, click on the PDF.

Market Reports Dec 2020
Download PDF • 381KB


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